FarCry Flag Hoodie


Mixed media collage on garment. Softest 500gsm French Terry hoodie (100% combed cotton++ double wash’d), so you’ll end up living in these 24/7 365 because no other hoodie will compare in your wardrobe.

Jet black color. Double prints on kangaroo pocket + double embroidery patches at front. Big bloodied footmarks (+ logo) prints at back.

Dotted & solid dragons + peacock mascot & logo embroideries at sleeves + hood + back. 78000 stitches all embroideries total (front + sleeves + hood + back). Woven external tags at sleeve. Interior label sewn specially to leave no stitch marks at the back..

Fits true to size w/ a slight oversized shape (curved ‘C’ shape at the bottom of the hoodie — to give a different look to other hoodies by subtly exposing your under layer more in the centre than towards the sides)//skateboard cut + ribbed hems & elasticated drawstring/cord with matte tips at hood; this hoodie is a must-cop ®® .. N-Joi VERYRARE™ V®️

• True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment.

• As sizing is rather large, if you don’t like the the oversized look don’t hesitate to take small size.

• Machine wash cold. Do not machine dry.

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